Mel Gibson and Premature Obituaries

Frank Rich of the New York Times column has written another installment in a seemingly endless series of obituaries of religious conservatism, the latest tied to Mel Gibson’s travails. In Rich’s formulation, Gibson is a “powerful and canonized figure in the political and cultural pantheon of American conservatism,” so his recent personal challenges and the release of highly embarrassing audiotapes recorded during a bitter custody dispute are a metaphor for the decline of the cultural right. Read more

NRA enters the fight against Kagan – in a big way

The National Rifle Association entered the fray against liberal Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court today with an ad saying she can’t be trusted to safeguard our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Kagan is Barack Obama’s liberal extremist nominee for the Supreme Court who famously banned military recruiters from Harvard College and who believes the Constitution is a “living document”, subject to revision. Read more